The day was sunny, the sky was blue,
But poor little Frauke had nothing to do.
Her tasks were complete. Her room was very neat.
Her cat lay contently asleep at her feet.

A poor little sigh escaped from her mouth,
Her poor little lips were pursed up in a pout.
And poor little Frauke, her chin in her hand
Stared through the window, surveying the land.

The snow had blossomed to life overnight.
Every bush, every road was now hidden from sight.
So poor little Frauke sat in her room
And tried to withstand the oncoming gloom.

She blinked at the shimmering sunlit snow.
She felt a strong need to get up and go.
If only the snow had not climbed so high
Poor little Frauke would…
But WAIT! Perhaps she could…
The snowdrift…the window…
Yes, she would FLY!

She ran to the closet and took out her boots
Put on her jacket and laughed with a whoop!
This little woman stepped onto the ledge
And spread out her arms and then…

          Cool air.
                    Soaring through light.

The cloth of her coat suspended her flight.

                    Oh, a joyous glow!

Then PLOOF! On the pillow of billowy snow.
She giggled. She shouted.
She wriggled. She waddled.
She sang and made angels
She danced a fandangle.

And then came a voice
It wasn't amused.
And poor little Frauke
Knew her fun had been used.

Her Mom had seen the flight through the air
She fretted that Frauke would give her gray hair.
A good little lady does not play that way
Return to your room for the rest of the day.

So, poor little Frauke went into the house.
She looked meek and mild, just like a mouse.
But inside her heart was a broad, happy grin.
She could fly! And she knew she would do it again.

- Valerie Woods
(January 2009)